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Adoption Of Differential Teaching And Learning Methodologies:

At SRV, we adopt differential teaching and learning methodologies that help students grasp the various nuances of the subjects and excel in their academic activities.

  • Confluence of varied teaching strategies for better understanding.
  • Formative Assessments on a regular basis.
  • Interactive learning environment that helps students think up solutions .
  • Encouraging students to invent, innovate and create.
  • Strengthening the basics through practical orientation.
  • Focus on creative growth of students.
  • Use of SMART technologies for knowledge transfer from SMEs.
  • Character building and value education.

At SRV, our teachers are proficient in their subjects and have a futuristic vision about the role of education in a child's life. Most importantly, our teachers have a strong value system and are able to impart our traditional values and a strong moral code to our students.

Classroom learning is interactive and the teachers engage students in differential thinking. Of course, there's room for discipline, too. But then again, disciplining goes hand-in-hand with encouragement and kind, optimistic words. So, the students feel cared for, and truly loved.

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