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Keeping in mind the changing global environment, we at SRV offer an Integrated result oriented unique programme which is aimed at outstanding performance in JEE and NEET Entrance Examinations. The School Integrated Programme aims to achieve the Best in everything that a Student aspires for.

The School Integrated Programme is a Two / One year classroom programme specially designed for XI and XII studying students. Students enrolling in this course will have integrated study plans during school hours.

Eminent and Highly Experienced Faculties will provide coaching in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology to the students of the Integrated Programme during the school hours while keeping intact other activities of the students as per routine.

The Integrated Programme offers extensive best quality Study Materials arranged systematically Class wise, Subject wise, Chapter wise and Topic wise with Practice Assignments and Practice Test Series giving students a complete exposure to JEE and NEET Examinations.

Students enrolling in this programme will have an integrated study plan. The studies for both Board as well as JEE / NEET will be managed and supervised by the expert faculty team in consultation with the school. The topics taught would be more or less in the same order that is covered in the school, so that the student gets the benefit of appearing both in school tests as well as JEE / NEET practice tests.

The Integrated Programme offered at SRV has become one of the most sought after courses for JEE and NEET aspirants.

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