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Creative and Aesthetic Skill Development Activity

Aesthetic is connected with beauty and the study of beauty. It can stimulate children's senses in the form of art, music, dance and drama. A stimulating environment created for such activities will enhance children's learning and thinking. Development of children creativity within a rich learning environment is further enhanced if they are supported by responsive and observant teachers. Providing opportunities to express their thoughts, ideas and feeling freely through art, music and drama not only enable the children to express things creatively, it also fosters the development of other domains such as physical, cognitive, language and social. These developments underpin the strategies used by the teachers in their planning and teaching in class.

Creative and aesthetic skills are essential components of holistic development of children. So, KG students of SRV Public School were engaged in an activity that would help them discover their latent creative and aesthetic skills. The children were given biscuits, cherry and jam. They were asked to use them creatively. The children came out with the idea of smileys drawn on the biscuits with cherry and jam.This mind stimulating activity made the learning fun for the children and also made the learning ambience of the school richer.

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