A place of learning, a center for grooming, a training hub – call it what you will, but a school is no less sacred than a temple of God. That’s because, it’s in this revered place called school, the young mind is shaped meticulously into a successful, self-assured individual. In short, the school polishes the raw carbon into the glittering diamond.

SRV Matriculation Higher Secondary School is one such school that seeks to create many shining diamonds in this part of the world. SRV is a center of academic excellence, spread over 50 acres and equipped with world-class infrastructure. The school is located on the Chennai National Highway (NH-45) at Samayapuram. The school aims to nourish youngsters with the food of knowledge and equip them with the skill-sets to survive and succeed in the real world.

Transport facility is available for students residing in and around Trichy. Separate buses are operated for Secondary and Higher Secondary students.

SRV Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Samayapuram, comes under the aegis of the renewed Sri Vigneswara Educational Trust, Rasipuram.

The  school  is  a  self financing  institution  par excellence.

“My school is a great place to learn; a wonderful place to play, make friends and enjoy life to the fullest.”