The Samayapuram school is our flagship and it acts as the crucible where innovative methods of instruction are forged, experimented with and formulated for implementation in all our schools


Our school innovate ways to present the prescribed syllabus as puzzles that invoke the curiosity of the students


Our school innovate ways to present the prescribed syllabus as puzzles that invoke the curiosity of the students

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Mr. Jnani – Writer

Expressing oneself on stage is a big deal... Great Thanks to Mr. Jnani help our teachers and students to express themselves on stage by teaching techniques of Acting & Speech on Theater workshops.

Mr. Badri Seshadri - Publisher

Today's science is a technology tomorrow.... Mr.Badri a multi - faced personality inspires students with his unique vision on world. He oversees science projects of students between VI to IX also provides Math Workshops for teachers . He envision Social Mapping for Thulir Program.

Mr. Tamilselvan - Writer

We are happy to have Mr.Tamil Selvan as our Moderator and mentor for our READERS - CLUB meets on every Saturday. With this vast ideas students were taken to many big library as field trip. A book was written for the students by the students under his guidance. His compilation of World class short story writers, written by students between VI to IX is glorious.

Mr. T. V. Venkateswaran – Scientist

Mr. Venkateshwaran broke the Myth, that science and Math are tough subject. he created easy to read book on basic of science. His workshops for students of XII on science and math brings clarity in subject. He with his team reviews teachers projects.

Dr. K. Partibaraja – Theatre Person

Mr. Parthibaraj with his great skills helps our students to get rid of stage fear and open up their talent over the stage by providing workshops on theatrical skills.

Mr. S. Mohammed Ali - Naturalist

Nature is not something to visit... but it is home... Our NATURE - CLUB activities, under stewardship of Mr.Mohamad Ali Promotes the green and clean activities among the students. Natural Treks are organized to observe nature at its bed.

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6th Jan 2018

We build on children's strength and celebrate their achievements. We welcome you all for our 12th Annual Day function.

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Read Trichy

10th Dec 2017

There is no big treasure in this world than a good book. To portray the goodness of reading SRV organized a READERS forum.

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An inspirational session narrates biography of a well-known personality whose personal success story acts as a strong motivation to students.

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We train our experienced Teachers to be more perfect in teaching students in all embodiment.

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