X & XII Results 2015

X & XII Results 2015, Click read more to see our school performance in 2015

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To create value-driven, dedicated leaders who can steer our nation towards growth, prosperity and greater success

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From The President

An institution is only as good as the leaders that steer it onward. In that aspect, SRV is truly blessed. The school is founded and managed by a group of eminent academicians, who, pooled together have more than 30 years of academic experience. The SRV team of visionaries work ceaselessly to provide students with futuristic learning technologies and also endow them with life skills that would help them succeed in the real world.

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PG Teachers Wanted

For the Academic Year 2014-15

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Co-curricular Activities
At srv, we have designed a set of innovative activities that help a student widen his knowledge base, while evolving his overall personality.

Artistic Pursuits
A piece of cultivable land within the campus is allotted for each class. Here, students get to dig, sow and reap fruits and vegetables through their own sweat and toil!

Children earn for appreciation and acceptance. And we understand that, above all else.

A school is not just a building with wall and windows. It is a place where an individual’s future is sculpted through learning that should guide him through life.



SRV Admn

SRV Admn

Latest News

Harvest Awards

Every year, Harvest Awards for academic appreciation are given to the young achievers of SRV to felicitate their triumph in academics. These awards motivate our students to try harder and reach for the stars.


A gateway to new horizons, Vistas is a mega event pertaining to sports and other extra-curricular activities. Here, students showcase their creative talents in dance, drama, poetry, music and sports. Outstanding achievements in these fields are felicitated with awards.

Birthday celebrations

For birthdays, our students are required to plant a tree on campus or contribute a book to the library. This way, students learn that birthdays can also be a day of giving.

Credit cards

We have a credit point system wherein students are awarded points for discipline, punctuality, neatness and consistent academic performance. When the points add up, they are awarded as credit cards to students during assembly. Owning a credit card is a matter of great pride for every SRVian.

Assembly celebrations

Every morning, our students look forward enthusiastically to the assembly. It’s a time of solace and communion, just before the humdrum of the day’s activities begin. The achievements of our students and teachers are celebrated during the assembly.